VG was founded in 1991 in Treviso, 20 km from Venice.
This unique city can teach the art of beautiful things, architectural proportions, the use of different materials and inspiration from distant cultures, reworked by brilliant Italian craftsmanship.

VG is all of this: it makes a collection of authentic and unique objects available to interior designers for use in exclusive projects, always different, never conformist, characterised by a cultured and moderately ostentatious luxury, the result of continuous research on stylishly decorative design.

tailor and hand made interior and lighting design

Made in Italy makers

Living material, suitable for being moulded and taking the most original shapes and appearences. Creations coming from the tradition, passed down from generations through a craftsmanship that inspires all the manufacturing stages.

The production is 100% Made in Italy.

Tailor made

VG is at disposal of interior and lighting designers as well as contractors for design and manufacture of fully bespoke lighting, furnishing and furniture. 

VG provides a tailor-made service for solving even the most difficult problems and the most complex customizations.

tailor made interior and lighting design


VG provides a touch of modern and metropolitan elegance to the most glamorous spaces, always with an exciting and very scenic atmosphere.


consultation & design / tailor-made production / shipping & installation

tailor made interior and lighting design

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