The infinite refinement of centuries-old elements, among the lagoon canals. The Glass&Wood Venezia collection is the bridge between the history of a city and VG’s modern interpretation of materials.

Craftsmanship that gives way to imagination. The Venezia series of Glass&Wood Collection brings together tempered glass and real wood foils, reusable natural materials that have always been part of living spaces.

After the distinctive features of Olive wood in Portofino tables, VG ventures out to rediscover Venetian Briccola wood, in a journey between history and water that protects and enhances a unique recovery material.

Glass, wood and the charm of Venetian Briccole

The Glass&Wood Venezia collection brings together the unique Glass&Wood concept with a very special atmosphere, winding its way through the banks and canals of the Serenissima Republic in a project of contemporary performance.

The art of glass, with its millenary inspiration, blends with another typically Venetian component, the “Briccola”. The Briccole are the wooden poles that are the undisputed protagonists of the Venice lagoon and the Grand Canal, guiding the boats and marking the tide.

The wood of the Briccole comes from the mountain forests of Veneto, on the Cansiglio highland, where for centuries the oak trees have grown and been carefully selected, before being processed and transformed into poles.

The life of the Briccole spans between 40-50 years, lived among boat markings, atmospheric agents, shellfish and the marine plants that inhabit them. After erosion by time, they are replaced, while disused poles can become the base that enhances extraordinary pieces of furniture: from this intuition, VG has chosen to recover them with care, processing them in thin sections to create the Glass&Wood Venezia collection.

The veining of Briccola wood is enhanced by the thin sections enclosed in the various tables of the VG Venezia Collection, ranging from design elements for the kitchen to small tables and wall consoles with the most original shapes.

A collection of unique pieces, with a soul that renews itself through time and becomes circular, giving new life to the most characteristic materials of the lagoon city.

Bring the soul of Venice to your spaces: request information on the Glass&Wood collection at or visit our contacts.

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