The scent of Ligurian flora, the elegance of a landscape that becomes design. The Portofino line of VG’s Glass&Wood Collection gives new splendor to olive wood, an exclusive seasonal element for the time following Easter.

The life of wood that breathes again, elegantly enclosed in glass. The use of these natural recyclable materials, which have always belonged to living spaces, characterizes the development of the Glass&Wood concept, with tempered glass that encloses sheets of real wood, enhancing the veining and protecting it forever.

During Easter and Springtime, we wish to relive the emotions that the Glass&Wood Portofino line can offer, plunging into a lively and expressive territory such as the Ligurian Riviera. A touch of luxurious tradition, reflected in the Mediterranean landscape.

Centuries-old olive trees are key characters of Easter season as well as of the Ligurian landscape, lying between the coast and the inland mountains. A panorama rich in colors and scents, which complements the forest vegetation with the transparency of the Mediterranean sea, thus providing the creative inspiration that led VG to design the Portofino line.

Portofino bay, a well-known destination for luxury tourism on the Ligurian Riviera, is an entanglement between the most typical Italian spirit and the search for glamorous elements of the “bella vita”. A major location, accompanied and balanced by a headland rich in terraces and parks inhabited by the typical olive tree.

The wood of this centuries-old plant is selected by VG in areas where deforestation is strictly controlled and limited to the preservation of woodland balance.
The collection has been designed and tested for different residential, public and commercial uses, with certification of the supply chain in accordance with current regulations.

VG has researched and patented a series of surfaces, available in a variety of customizable sizes and shapes, with the undeniable quality of the raw materials underlying the design. 

The Portofino product line includes three standard Tables, made with two layers of laminated glass, enclosing a thin section of olive wood inside.
A second vital lymph for olive trees also flows through the fine Boiserie, backlit and completed with solid oak uprights and columns.

Make the natural expression of olive trees immortal with the Glass&Wood Portofino collection: ask for your exclusive design at or visit our contacts.

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