A beauty transcending the surface, in deep balance between body and mind. A new way of experiencing well-being and aesthetics: this is the deep soul of Otium, the urban hideaway with a luxury touch.

An exclusive place, with an interior design entirely customised together with VGnewtrend’s taste and bespoke products. A unique experience of relaxation that exceeds the expectations of those who wander through the rooms, among the various possible routes.

As VG, we have followed Otium’s approach step by step, culminating with the grand opening on 14 September 2020, in a safe and shared manner. Otium Manager Sofia Rovelli narrates us the concept behind the project, taking us on a virtual preview of the place.

A luxury golden reinterpretation of Obice, completed with Aloe Leaf

What is Otium and where does it take place?

This is a business project recently unveiled in San Zeno Naviglio, near Brescia, which embraces autumn through a truly exclusive wellness proposal. Otium Day Spa is the new Ferrari family adventure totally dedicated to beauty, balance and tranquillity.

We are not just talking about body care, but rather about a prestigious landmark, supported by an exclusive design and service offering to satisfy and fulfill every desire, from beauty to wellness, from the wish for self-improvement to the calmest desire for… idleness. The rhythms of idleness (“otium” in latin) in fact mark all the satisfaction for a time spent in our SPA, supported by a team of skilled professionals oriented towards advanced aesthetic research, to create an exclusive haven to reawaken body and mind. 

The suggested wellness paths include three saunas, the Finnish sauna, the Soft and the Biosauna, the regenerating hydromassage, the aromatic Turkish bath, the glacial bath to encourage skin vascularisation and produce positive effects on the nervous system and breathing, as well as a special relaxation area and a private SPA.

Experiences include a series of face and body treatments, from the most traditional to Ayurvedic massages and other holistic oriental proposals, with unique and refined therapies.

Thanks to a series of technological equipment revealing the true needs of the skin and the individual, it is also possible to plan tailor-made treatments to invigorate the body and restore inner calm.

Pouf Breola & Platycerium Island Plant 
Yin&Yang: Marilen, a soft balance between shapes and spaces

Which inspirations shape the interior design project?

The idea for the interior design comes from the desire to give moments of pure and intense relaxation, exactly as you wish, in an encounter between emotions and professionalism.

Each space has been created to evoke a specific emotion and a feeling full of authenticity.

Precisely for this reason, attention has been paid to the expression and research of sophisticatedly decorative details, a choice designed for a totalizing experience, in which you can completely immerse yourself.

How did VG succeed in bringing out Otium’s design identity?

“Furniture becomes an expression of the soul that transforms space into a true multisensory experience”.

We believe that this phrase summarises VGnewtrend’s philosophy, a thought that reflects the approach that we ourselves have taken with Otium and that has allowed us to create this interior design project together, in total synchronicity.

What kind of experience awaits those who enter Otium’s spaces?

Whoever enters Otium will find themselves living a unique experience in terms of all-round well-being. A SPA with exclusive pathways is the ideal place to abandon everyday tensions and finally achieve perfect harmony between body and mind, according to the most ancient traditions of the wellness world.

Plunge into a new dimension, between design and wellness.

Discover the interior design recreated by VG for Otium at the wellness centre itself, for an immersive experience.

Otium – Centro benessere, spa e centro estetico Brescia
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 2
25010 San Zeno Naviglio (BS)

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